January and February 2019: painting of star block 85 Beresford Street West

With the painting of the row houses at 57A Hepburn finished by Christmas 2018, the paint works of the exterior and interior common areas of star block 85 Beresford Street West are scheduled for January and February 2019.  Scaffolding will be erected on the north and east faces from 7 January and the exterior will be painted like blocks 81, 83 and 87 Beresford Street West but with the contrast colour on the textured panel boards of the exterior in yellow, using Resene California and Resene Gold Tips.  A visualisation of the colours for the north face back entrance of the building is provided below.  Owners can choose the door colour for their unit from one of six selected door colours as can be seen by scrolling further down on this page.



Yearly inorganic collection: 29 August 2018

This year’s collection is booked for the 29th of August with the pick up points being the same as past years. Please use this opportunity to dispose of all inorgaic refuse other than car tyres ,paints, solvents or chemicals of any kind!
If you have items stored in any of the storage units associated with either the Maisionette or Star blocks please mark items you wish to keep with your unit number Any items not marked will be removed and disposed of with the inorganic collection.

Marker flags at the three collection points have been placed in following locations


Next round of painting to begin early 2018: rowhouses at 57 and 55a Hepburn Street and starblock 87 Beresford Street West

In line with the Body Corporate’s Long Term Maintenance Plan, the next round of painting of a star block and two groups of row houses is scheduled to start in January 2018.

First off the block will be the row houses at 57 and 55a Hepburn Street. The buildings will first be washed, then painting will be done progressively, with the use of mobile scaffolding.

The row houses will be painted in the same manner as the maisonette buildings at 79 Beresford Street West and 148 Howe Street (textured panels in grey, walls and joinery in white). Scroll down to see photos, and obviously you can go and have look to see these buildings first hand.

Owners can choose the door colour for their unit from one of six provided below. Please contact Eddie Paunovic with your choice by the end of December.

Painting of the row houses will be followed by star block 87 Beresford Street West with painting of the exterior and interior scheduled for late January 2018. Scaffolding will be erected on the north and south faces and the exterior will be painted like blocks 81 and 83 Beresford Street West but with the contrast colour in green, using Resene Limerick Green and Resene Chateau Green. A visualisation of the colours is  provided below.

Door colour selection samples:

Governor Bay


Gold tips


Whizz Bang


Sensual Red


Dark Slate




A  visualisation of the North side of 87 Beresford West  to give an indication of what it will look like:


February 2017: Painting of starblock 83 Beresford Street West

As part of the Body Corporate’s Long Term Maintenance Plan the exterior and interior painting of starblock 83 Beresford Street West will begin on Monday 20 February 2017. The first stage of the work will see scaffolding erected on the North and South faces of the starblock.

The exterior will be painted as block 81 Beresford St but with contrast colour Red instead of blue. (Resene Sensual Red and Resene Whizz Bang red). The following visualisations give an indication of what it will look like.

83 Beresford St West back entrance web

83 Beresford St West front entrance web



November 2016: Freemans Park new Building and Grounds Manager

Stephen Connelly, the building manager at Freemans Park for the past 12 years, is leaving us. His last day is 30 November.

Stephen goes with the body corporate committee’s warmest wishes for the future. He has done a wonderful job in maintaining and improving our buildings and grounds, and in helping to create a stable community in Freemans Park that is the envy of the greater community.

Following a comprehensive recruitment process, the Body Corporate Committee is pleased to announce that Eddie Paunovic has been appointed to replace Stephen. Eddie’s appointment takes effect from Thursday 1 December. However in order to ensure a smooth transition, Eddie has already been working with Stephen to get familiar with the workings and complexities of Freemans Park.

Please note that the phone number to contact Eddie remains the same: 0800 210 589.

For inquiries using email, please contact Lyn Clapperton at Body Corporate Admin (BCA): .

If you wish to meet Eddie in person, please phone him on 0800 210 589 after 1 December to arrange a time that would suit both parties.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Lyn at BCA.


October 2016: Consultation on the new colour scheme – feedback needed by 24 October

The painting of 148 Howe Street is planned as per the Long Term Maintenance Plan, to commence from 17 October with the mounting of scaffolding first, followed by repair works and painting, and the building will be painted in the same manner as 79 Beresford Street West. You can see the building itself and/or you can view photos below in this news section. The door colour of each unit can be chosen by the owner from a select range of six colours, of which two are neutral. This colour selection can also be considered from samples below.

The Committee considers the current maintenance and painting works as an opportune time to invite your feedback as per AGM resolution on the new colour palette.  We would appreciate getting an indication of interest from those who want to view the suggested colour selection for each building so we can organise a time and place to show the colours and provide the opportunity for you to see the overall picture for Freemans Park as a whole. We are hoping to arrange for Penny Vernon to speak to those who are interested, providing the background as how she chose the colours. Please email to register interest or feedback by Monday 24 October.

Colours applied on maisonette block 79 Beresford Street West are:

A Few Photo’s



Fascias, Barge boards, walls, fibrolite wall panels: Rice Cake

Timber joinery: Black White

Corrugated metal panels, timber handrails and railings: Tapa grey

Door sills: Half Masala grey

Timber joinery to apartment facing stairwells: Black White

Stairwell exterior door: Tapa

Storeroom roof: Zeus


Interior joinery, walls and ceilings: Rice Cake[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]