• – Like many inner city locations there are from, time to time, security issues in Freemans Park
  • – It is the responsibility of Residents to ensure that their property, including cars, is made as secure as possible and is insured
  • – Please report all security issues/incidents to the police and let your neighbours know so they can be on the alert. It is also useful to advise the Building and Grounds Manager of issues

Security systems | Intercoms

  • – Many buildings have security and intercom systems
  • – Please do not give out or write your security code on the building
  • – If residents in a building wish to change a security code, the signed/written agreement of 75% of Owners needs to be obtained and then the Building and Grounds Manager needs to be advised in writing of your request
  • – Residents are not permitted to change security codes without the prior approval of the Building and Grounds Manager as a range of regular contractors need to have the current codes