The Body Corporate Committee is elected at each Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Any owner is eligible for election.

The Body Corporate Committee has the responsibility to manage the affairs of the Body Corporate. Key tasks include management and maintenance of the property, developing budgets and long term maintenance plans.

Membership of the Freemans Park Body Corporate Committee is made up of elected private owners and the nominees of the three organisations that own significant property portfolios in Freemans Park. These organisations are Housing NZ (HCNZ), Auckland Housing Association (AHA) and the Community of Refuge Trust (CORT).

Current members of the Body Corporate Committee are:


  • Lesley McTurk (Body Corporate and Committee Chair)
  • Dianne Barron
  • Jan Burbery
  • Venkat Dheen (HNZ)
  • Cameron Law
  • Graeme McRae
  • John Seagar
  • Lies Vandesande (AHA trust)
  • Michael Wallmannsberger
  • June Younger

The Committee currently meets on the second Tuesday of each month. Please send correspondence to BCA by the Friday before if you wish to place an item on the Committee’s agenda.

Any owner wishing to receive minutes of Body Corporate Committee meetings may contact BCA and request to be put on the minutes’ distribution list for that financial year.