Exterior Modifications / Additions

No exterior modifications or additions maybe made or erected (awnings, pergolas) to the exterior of buildings or any unit without obtaining the prior consent of the Body Corporate Committee, as most of the exteriors of buildings and outsides of fences are common property and owned by the Body Corporate.

Interior Maintenance/Renovations to Your Unit

Contact the Building and Grounds Manager for water supply shutdown. It must not be shutdown before 9a.m. or after 4p.m.
Smoke detectors in the common areas can be activated by dust from inside a unit when renovations are underway.
If heat detectors in units are disturbed the fire alarm will be activated. It may be best to get Wormald to isolate the heat detectors at the cost of the unit owner.
No power tools can be used on a Sunday.
Heavy objects must be taken to or from units in a way that does not damage common property walls or floors.
Contractors must ensure they cause minimum inconvenience to all other owners/tenants.
All work must be carried out in a proper workmanlike manner.
Place plywood over floor outside unit to protect it.
Work must not start before 8a.m.
Don’t unplug TV amp in star block buildings.
Use of power tools must stop at 5:30p.m.

When you decide to renovate:

1. Talk to your neighbours

Do not turn the water off at the meter as all residents will then be without water.  If you are unsure where to turn water off, contact the Building and Grounds Manager.

2. Watch the noise

If you plan to renovate and know it will be disruptive to your neighbours, be considerate and speak to them about your planned work before you begin.

3. Keep the dust down

When renovating a star block apartment, use dust sheets on the landings to catch dust.

4. Keep it green

Avoid using the lawn as a parking lot.  Heavy work vehicles gouge the lawn, leaving a muddy mess.

5. Leave the site tidy

While working, do not block exit-ways with materials or tools.  At the end of the day, ensure all materials and building waste are stored away and any common areas are left clean and tidy.

6. Remove your waste

Hire a bin to remove your building waste. Do not use the community rubbish bins

Please try to keep the Building and Grounds Manager up to speed with your renovations.  The Building and Grounds Manager will be able to advise on any queries you may have,