Many of us enjoy having our pets, who can be very much a part of the family. However please be mindful that not everyone may feel the same way.

Applying to House a Pet in Freemans Park

Our Freemans Park Body Corporate Operational Rules (under rule 18) require you to obtain the prior permission of the Body Corporate Committee before bringing your pet to Freemans Park.

If you are a tenant and would like to keep a pet in the unit you are renting you will be required to have approval of your landlord first and will have to ask that your landlord send the completed pet application form to the Committee on your behalf.

If you require further information or general advice on keeping your pet at Freemans Park please contact our Building and Grounds Manager.

To help applicants with this process, we’ve created the following downloadable information and forms:

Please be aware that if reports are received by the Property Manager or Body Corporate Committee that your pet is a nuisance, permission may be revoked after an investigation by the Building and Grounds Manager.

Advice for Pet Owners

  • If you have a dog please ensure it’s kept on a lead on common property and you pick up all its deposits. If your dog barks make sure you talk to your neighbours to ensure it’s not impeding on their enjoyment.

Cat doors

  • Cat doors may not be installed in Star Block units as they breach the fire safety regulations.