A Body Corporate is:

  1. – The total group of current Owners of a residential or other property developed under the Unit Titles Act.
  2. – A legal entity of which all-individual property Owners are members.

Within a Body Corporate members own their dwelling (which is called a principal unit) and may own accessory units (such as carparks and courtyards).

Areas such as grounds, gardens, internal halls and stairs in buildings are common property and are collectively owned by all the Owners.

Generally the exterior walls of the buildings are common property: the boundary line is usually in the middle of the wall so the interior half is unit property , the exterior half is common property. If it is not clear from the unit title plan, then the interim default position is that the middle of the wall is the defining line between unit boundary and common property. Depending on where windows sit in the frame of the building, they may or may not be common property. A survey would need to be completed to confirm that boundary in the event of an application to the Body Corporate or resolution of a maintenance issue.

The Body Corporate has a responsibility to ensure maintenance of the external elements and infrastructure which affect more than one unit, however owners should note that under section 138 (4) of the Unit Titles Act, any costs incurred by the body corporate that relate to repairs to or maintenance of building elements and infrastructure contained in a principal unit are recoverable by the body corporate from the owner of that unit as a debt due to the  body corporate.

Owners and Tenants should make themselves aware of the Body Corporate Rules and we have made a a scanned copy (pdf) available here : Freemans Park Body Corporate Operational Rules.


Body Corporate Administration | Body Corporate manager

Body Corporate Administration (BCA) Ltd is an independent company employed by the Body Corporate Committee to provide administrative services such as collection of levies and secretarial support to the Body Corporate/Committee.

BCA is not the Body Corporate, but acts administratively for the Body Corporate Committee of the Freemans Park Body Corporate.

All correspondence for the Owners’ Committee should be sent to BCA.

Body Corporate Administration Limited
Level 3, 115 Queen Street, Auckland Central 1010
PO Box 2322, Auckland | DX: CP24053
tel: +64 9 373 2336


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Body Corporate is held after 30 April each year and cover such topics as:Key decisions

  1. Adoption of the budget for the forthcoming year
  2. Election of the Body Corporate Committee
  3. Approval of yearly budget
  4. General items

All owners are advised by letter of the forthcoming AGM.


Eddie Paunovic I Building and Grounds Manager

The Freemans Park Body corporate contracts a Building and Grounds Manager for day to day operational management of the common property:

Eddie Paunovic
tel: 0800 210 589