Fire Alarms

All Star Blocks Units and common area’s in Star Blocks have heat and smoke detectors connected to the main fire alarm of the Block.  In addition there are 230V hardwired smoke detecors in each unit that are not connected to the main fire alarm.

In the case of a fire emergency please:

1  Activate the fire alarm in the common area

2  Evacuate the building immediately

3  Assemble at the designated assembly point

4  Call 111 and ask for the fire brigade promptly as the alarms are not connected to the fire station. They will investigate and de-activate the alarm when it is safe.

Fire Alarm do’s and don’ts

Don’t hang items from heat detectors
Don’t smoke inside common areas of building
Fire alarm is not connected to NZ FIRE SERVICE
Evacuate building and go to assembly point
Dial 111 ask for Fire in the event of a fire
Don’t remove smoke detectors
Smoke detectors have backup 9V batteries, when alarm beeps every 30-40 seconds the backup battery needs to be replaced.
When you have an issue with the smoke detectors contact the Building and Grounds Manager immediately


Common property plumbing/electrical fault

In the case of plumbing or electrical emergency on common property or that affects common use please contact the Building and Grounds Manager


  • Fixing leaks may be the responsibility of either an individual Owner or the Body Corporate
  • It is important to report leaks as soon as possible for insurance purposes.  The Body Corporate Owners’ Committee is aware of at least one situation where a private Owner’s insurer declined to cover leak damage to private property that had been going on for some time because they could not distinguish between the damage and ordinary wear and tear
  • As soon as an external leak is evident you should contact the Property Manager to ascertain who will fix it.
  • In the case of internal leaks you should contact your plumber (if you’re an Owner) or your landlord (if you’re renting). If a plumber identifies that the leak is coming from another unit or from common piping please contact the Property Manager
  • the following diagram illustrates who is responsible for expenses in response maintenance : Freemans Park Response Maintenance Who Pays