The Unit Titles Act 2010, a new New Zealand legislation governing all Bodies Corporates, came into effect on 20th June 2011.

Part of the change required a review and update of any existing Body Corporate Rules and as a result Freemans Park have new Freemans Park Body Corporate Operational Rules, endorsed at the 2012 AGM, 2013 AGM and 2016 AGM (amendments).

At the 2019 AGM a new rule 33 (see here: Registered Rules October 2019) was adopted to ensure enhanced fire-safety within starblock units, this rule has just been registered.

As well as being a legal requirement (binding on the Body Corporate, owners and anyone who occupies a Unit), these rules also ensure that living at Freemans Park is an enjoyable experience for all residents and visitors.

Copy of the Rules : download a copy of the current rules with amendments

Please note:- These Rules are required to be given to the tenant and attached to any tenancy agreement and therefore taken to be terms of any tenancy agreement.  Please contact your landlord if the Rules are not attached to your tenancy agreement.