The Body Coporate Operational Rules (under Rule  6) specify that carparks can only be used for the parking of vehicles  – you are not permitted to place or park any other items such as caravans or goods in your carpark or use your carpark for storage.

Each unit has its own numbered carpark, please be careful to park in only your own carpark.

Parking of vehicles on the grass is not permitted.

Visitor Parking

Visitors should be asked to park in visitor spaces only. Visitor parking is for no more than 3 hours in a 24 hour period.

Owners are entitled to have wrongly parked vehicles removed from their carpark and the Property Manager is entitled to remove wrongly parked cars form the common property.

The Body corporate Committee have prepared Illegal parking notices, which can be obtained from the Property Manager   We suggest that these be used before vehicles are towed.

Once a car is removed the tow company is obliged to inform the police of where the vehicle can be retrieved.

The Freemans Park Body Corporate accepts no responsibility for the security of vehicles parked within Freemans Park, or any vehicle which is towed.